\Welcome to 4th hour


A. You may choose from the following topics.

B. Each memoir needs to be at least 5-7 sentence long.

C. Please work on adding detail about the topic you choose. Later, these writings will be placed in a "scrapbook".

D. Please spell your words correctly. Use spell check or ask your teacher and peer to help you with words that you need spelled correctly.

F. Send you memoirs to my email (dleatherman@joplin.k12.mo.us).

G. Please send your memoir through an attachment and title your document with the title of your writing you are sending.

H. A total of 15 memoirs are due

I. All memoirs will be required to be in a scrapbook that is either an electronic scrapbook or a handmade one. You must also include a cover page and back page. Each page must include one graphic or picture.
(a grading rubric will be posted by the end of this week Dec. 2)

Memoir topics to choose from:

1. write about a family vacation

2. write about a special birthday

3. write about the happiest day of your life

4. write about a special pet

5. write about the birth of a family member

6. write about how you and your best friend first met

7. write about your camping trip

8. write about a favorite blanket

9. write about a car that you worked on with your dad

10.write about a favorite stuffed animal

11.write about a rock/ seashell you found on vacation

12.write about a special tree

13.write about a swingset

14.write about your grandmother

15.write about your grandfather

16.write about a favorite aunt or uncle

17.write about Grandpa’s chair

18.write about Grandma’s afghan

19.write about a Christmas tree

20.write about a favorite shirt/ dress/ outfit

21.write about a picture in your room

22.write about a favorite book

23.write about a favorite or special bicycle

24.write about a favorite or special baseball mitt

25.write about a special house you lived in

Project 1

Things that need to be included
At least 4 pictures (change time to 5 seconds)
Title side and test
Transitions (change time to 2-3seconds)
Video Effect (on pic)
Background Music
Sound Effect
Voice Over
Audio Effect

Project 2

That is the sample imovie with 2 of your Memoirs
also needs to include
- 2 paragraphs of memoirs
- at least 2 pictures
- at least 2 title slides
- and Music


10 Memoir project (either a imovie, powerpoint, scrapbook, or poster)
must have 10 paragraphs
at least 10 pictures from home or from google image --pictures MUST relate to the paragraphs

Lessons for Feb. 1st and Feb 2nd

Novel Unit "Tears of a Tiger"
March-April Activities

PSA Unit ( public service announcements for teen social issues addressed in the book)
Examples of issues from the book:
-- Drinking While Driving
-- Teen Suicide
-- Teen Smoking
-- Addiction
-- Child Abuse
-- Depression
Step 1
-- Choose a Teen Issue listed above or any other issue that was addressed from "Tears of a Tiger" or from the
"Antwone Fisher" story. Please get teacher approval of your topic before proceeding to the next steps.
-- Place your name and topic chosen on the top of a piece of paper.

Step 2
-- Look up websites about your topic. After looking through website about facts and information about your topic begin to
develop questions about your topic.
-- On your piece of paper with you name and topic. Develop 10 questions about your topic that you will be able to research.
Please put ONLY the questions on your sheet of paper.

Step 3
-- You will need to get 10 - 3 by 5 note cards
-- On each note card, you need to write down on the top of each note card, write one of your questions.
-- You should have one note card for each question you have developed

Step 4
-- After you have your 10 note cards with a question you have developed on each card, now you are ready to do REAL research!
-- Take one of your cards, type in your question to goggle search about your topic.
-- Find at least 5 facts about each question.
-- Write down your 5 facts on each question on yourcard. Use front and back if necessary. Please put on your card at the end
of your facts what website you found this information.

Step 5

-- write on the back each card, write down the website where you found the facts.